My Apartment in Ghayathi

Generally when you teach in the Middles East, your accommodation is free as a part of your package. I was teaching English and Math at a public school here and staying at the ADEC apartments. Abu Dhabi Educational Council [ADEC] is Abu Dhabi's ministry of education. As far as I know, ADEC teachers in Ghayathi are either placed in Ruwais or in these apartments.

As far as I could see, they seem to be the only apartment block in Ghayathi. There isn't even an address. You just tell taxi drivers to take you to "the Ghayathi apartments". The 2-bedroom apartment is recently-built and fairly roomy even though the construction wasn't stellar (my bathroom door handle fell off and the ceiling was leaking). I've heard since then, the pile of sand in the middle has been replaced with a lush grass lawn, so it should be a bit nicer now. There really isn't very much around, but it's a short walk "downtown", just some local shops, restaurants, and a supermarket.
Camel herding with a SUV just outside of my apartment