Old Dubai Sights

Al Shindaga ( map ), is a neighborhood in the traditional center of Dubai, with Bur Dubai in the south and the Dubai Creek running along its west—a pretty empty area with virtually no tourists when I visited. Not the most exciting, but quiet and beautiful. There is also a pedestrian underpass that allows you to cross the creek from Deira to Bur Dubai.

Check out :

Sheikh Saeed Al Naktoum House
    (museum: 2 AED; old maps, stamps, & currencies)

Sheikh Obaid bin Thani House
    (a beautiful building with bizarre religious propaganda)

Heritage Village
    (traditional style huts you can freely wander in)

Diving Village
    (empty lot with some fishing boats)
Dubai Creek ( map ) divides the city into two main sections, Deira and historical Bur Dubai. It's a nice and short ride to take a water taxi across to Deira Old Souk.
Jumeirah Mosque ( map ) is not a big mosque but it has 75-minute tours in English starting at 9:45 am for non-Muslims to learn a bit about Islam. Not available on Fridays.
Dubai Museum ( map ), not a must-see but a good place to spend an hour or two for 3 AED if your are tired of the endless malls / souks (Arabic markets) in Dubai. The mannequins displays the way of life before oil, an effortless walk through time with descriptions in English.

FRI : 2:30 pm - 8:30 pm
Other days : 8:30 am8:30 pm
Heritage Village ( Hatta Village ) has traditional style sand-colored buildings with beautiful wind towers. It's free to wander around and a nice way to spend half an hour.

SAT - THU : 8 am - 10 pm
FRI : 8 am - 11 am ; 4 pm - 10 pm